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Now in beta, our platform is revolutionizing the way creatives establish their online identity and transform artworks into valuable assets. Step into a new era where any type of art or cultural object can establish a secure identity verification and digital presence.

Create. Digitize. Protect. Monetize. empowers any individual or art organization, regardless of their technical skills, to easily digitize, protect, promote, and monetize their artworks, while clearly identifying themselves in the art world’s digital space. The ecosystem is based on the stability of the proven DNS (Domain Name System) and the security of blockchain, incorporating and connecting to established and innovative tech solutions used by the art world. is your trusted all-in-one digital identity solution for art and culture.
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Unleash the full potential of your digital identity with a suite of customizable features

.ART digital ID
elevate your digital presence with a unique credential that adds gravitas to your online presence.
Portfolio website
showcase your work in a professional online gallery.
Professional digital COAs
Generate customizable certificates of authenticity for each artwork with ease.
Digital hub
Streamline your digital presence with a centralized dashboard for all your social media and marketplace links like Instagram, X, Etsy, and Shopify.
IP rights protection
Safeguard your work with comprehensive tools.
Blockchain security
Protect your digital portfolio with an extra layer of security.
Easy NFT minting
Seamlessly enter the NFT marketplace without the need to code.
Online v-card
Share your work and profile with auto-created v-cards and QR Codes.
Collection management
Efficiently manage your artwork portfolio for easy submission to galleries, art fairs, awards, and more.
Get featured
Have your work featured on our blog and social media channels.

How to get started

Create your account:
Join the global art register for free. Sign up and begin streamlining your virtual identity.
Set up your portfolio website:
Upload your artworks and add relevant data. Your website is ready! Transform it into your digital studio by linking it to your social accounts and other platforms.
Promote, monetize & share:
Keep your certificates up to date and access extra services to boost your presence and reach.

Patented provenance protection

ID.ART incorporates .ART Digital Twin — a patented digital solution that allows you to establish a verifiable record of ownership and securely store important information about each work.

Users can issue a customized Certificate of Authenticity (COA), cementing the artwork's originality and the artist's credibility. This not only enhances your professional image but also provides collectors with a tangible assurance of the artwork's authenticity.

With ID.ART you can easily secure your identity authentication, prove that your artwork is original and increase your credibility as a professional.

Art is all about context

Art transcends beyond its physical or digital form; it's the story, context and sensory experience that connect us to its essence. This connection is what elevates the desirability, value, and ultimately the cost of an art piece. Understanding art involves immersing oneself into its narrative, exploring the layers of meaning that each piece carries. This profound engagement is not just about viewing a work of art but experiencing the multitude of stories, processes, and emotions embedded within it.

Case Study: Consider the work of the prominent Chinese artist, Zhang Jin. His ink paintings, rich in depth and complexity, might initially seem abstract and esoteric to an observer. Yet, when the viewer is introduced to the artist's creative process through videos, a fascinating multi-dimensional story unfolds. This narrative layer significantly enhances the audience's appreciation and understanding of the artwork, demonstrating that sometimes the context surrounding an artwork can be as captivating as the art itself.

Art object
Context (Information of art object)

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