"Arura" Digital Print #15
by Ozan Turkkan
The 'arura' digital print series stems from research on transitional forms and biodiversity, exploring nature's fractal geometry and its variability. Over 2 million biological forms from the Biodiversity Heritage Library were studied, with 2,000 processed via Creative Coding and AI for the installations.
Quantum Scriptography
by Natasha Burenina
Words are necessary to describe our thoughts. Art helps to express our feelings. Together, they complement and expand our means of self-expression. The 'Quantum Scriptography' collection is an example of this synergy.
Industrial Ukraine. Lvov glassblowers.
by Gairat Baimatov
The watercolour on raw paper technique, used for this artwork, requires the artist to be quick because the working time is related to the drying of the paper. If the paper remains wet, you can work freely, but after it dries, it is no longer pliable to work with.
Pocillopora Capitata
by Paul Rosero Contreras
Part of “Dark Paradise” Exhibition, a Sci-Art exploration of the Galapagos Islands researching coral resilience. Through photography, video and 3d models, the show highlighted a synergetic attempt between distinct experts which looks to open new perspectives on the future of our planet.
Ready to shine at the top?Go for it!
Trejeito Estrela-Língua
Turkish landscape
Sanjo Mo
Not for sale
Rodeo Ben 1940
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